A message from our managing director!

You, our students and customers, expect (correctly) to receive a professional proven service. This I can assure you is the case with a1 roadcraft. We have been training students successfully since 1984. I will guarantee to you that we have well-trained, enthusiastic instructors and staff. Our instructors and staff will make training east, they will help you solve any problems you have before, during and after training. You will enjoy and have fun whilst training, we all learn more when we enjoy it. 

It will be hard work – driving/riding is demanding, so a good night’s sleep before and each night whilst undergoing training is essential! The benefits of our service will be measured by your family/friends/employers. Our expertise will give you a high level of skill. We all know good and not so good drivers and rider, who do you want to be? We want to help you be that driver or rider.


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