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Lgv & HGV driver training courses FOR Salisbury, Amesbury, ANDOVER, WARMINSTER, SHAFTESBURY, BLANFORD, Wiltshire, Dorset
 and Hampshire.

All of our courses can be booked over the phone, via email or at our office SP28RH. We would encourage all new customers to call us, so we get a chance to speak to you and understand your personal requirements. We understand that budget and time constraints can be tight, so we will do our best to tailor our courses to suit you.  We do recommend that you call and chat about your needs and previous driving before selecting a course. You may save even more money by being recommended to a shorter course than you thought. We need to understand the journey you want to go on. This allows us to know how to approach you training allowing for your personal requirements.

A1 Roadcraft are currently training people to drive the following category vehicles:
C1 (7 ½ tonne)
C (rigid, class 2)
C & E (draw bar articulated, class 1)
B & E (car and trailer)


At A1 Roadcraft, we understand that if you have previous experience in driving larger vehicles, you may not wish to or need to do the full standard course. Why not book in for a 2 hour session? This session will give our instructors a chance to look at your current skill level, then bespoke a course to get you up to standard. This will reduce cost and save you going ‘back to basics’. We will also give you things to think about and practice prior to coming back. 
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Large lorry hauling cargo

A range of standard LGv & HGV driver training courses

Our courses are generally tailored to fit your needs, but if you would like a standard course, see below for our fees:
  Standard 16 hour Cat C course - £1370 (Saving £150) + vat and test fee.
  Standard 14 hour CAT C & E course - £1208 (Saving £150) + vat and test fee.

Please be aware that these courses need to be paid in full 21 days before the start date.

Courses book further away than 21 Days
A deposit of £150 will be required. It is not possible to book without a deposit.

We would strongly recommend you taking a 2 hour starter session. This is not an assessment, it is the start of training. Following this session we can discuss the best way forward and balance the time needed against the cost.

Drive your career forward with Lgv & HGV driver training.

Call A1 Roadcraft in Salisbury on 01722 334 951
or 0800 716 156.

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